An efficient solution to manage Fixed and Technological Assets through mobile devices

Capture and collect information in the field of any type of asset such as computers, technological equipment, projectors, furniture, and fixtures, office equipment, machinery, spare parts, parts and all the equipment used for the development of the operation. Control your changes throughout the life cycle until inventory drops and information safeguards.

Accurate barcode and QRS counts on inventory plates. Using the cell phone camera or Tablet, the bar codes or QRs of the inventory plates are read with the following benefits:

  • Avoid typing errors of serials

  • Avoid duplicity in data

  • Evidence the asset removal by asset

  • It allows the online identification of the asset in the system, allowing the consultation of already registered information.

  • Discovery Geo allows integration with other devices such as guns and other code readers.


The DISCOVERY GEO system allows for the collection of different types of evidence in the field to certify the capture process and its results. It uses elements such as:

  • GPS location coordinates of the phone or tablet.

  • Readings of bar codes or QRs of the inventor plates.

  • Taking photographs of damages or news of the assets.

  • Damage logs or new assets

  • Location records of assets on maps.

  • Digital signatures of those responsible.


allows to obtain consolidated and specific reports. You can use the list of reports by default or design any new report format that requires, by different criteria such as:

  • Reports by location or areas.

  • Types of assets, brands or models.

  • By responsible users.

  • By types of codes.

  • For capture dates, among others.


These reports can be consulted in the interfaces of each administrator user, or exported from Excel, txt, html. You can also generate statistical graphs.


Discovery Geo App: Installed on Android phones or tablets with a 5mp camera (or higher). The system is synchronized with the Server computer to deliver your inventory data or synchronize configuration changes, either through the corporate network (Wifi ) or through an operator data plan.

Discovery Geo application: It is installed on a physical or virtual computer that functions as a Server (Windows 8 or higher) and allows the reception and consolidation of inventories, and then deliver information to all system administrators according to their profile.



Manage your own configuration of assets, locations, lists of employees and responsible personnel, for a design totally tailored to each project.




Other products

From resource management to process approach, LeverIT offers multiple solutions for your company.

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