Focus on productivity on mobile devices

Business devices more productive

Business management app for Android that focuses employees on the applications that correspond to their position, managing the content of the device from the applications to the interface itself giving total control and monitoring for a timely focus on the tasks assigned.

Efficiency at hand

With Agent Discovery, better manage the way your employees conduct their processes by periodically reporting on their activities, as well as the status of the device and its content, providing the opportunity to better manage their human resources, taking the management of time and production to another level on field.

Monitor the devices via GPS to be certain of where it is located in case of being stolen or of being in a place where it is not required.


  • Business focus in field work.

  • More efficient production times.

  • Precise geolocation of the device.

  • Eliminates unnecessary functions on the device (application blocking).

  • Reports of use and total administration of the device.

  • installation and uninstallation of applications from the discovery server.

  • Complete blocking of installation or uninstallation of applications.

Kiosk mode

Personalize the content of the device adapting correctly the number of applications or the type of software required for the job blocking everything else by creating a mobile tool focused on specific business processes forming agile production times, improving the quality of the processes.



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From resource management to process approach, LeverIT offers multiple solutions for your company.

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